Introducing AtlasMap

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AtlasMap is a data mapping solution with interactive web based user interface, that simplifies configuring integrations between Java, XML, CSV and JSON data sources. You can design your data mapping with AtlasMap Data Mapper UI canvas, and then run that data mapping via runtime engine.

In addition to plain Java API provided by runtime engine, camel-atlasmap Component is also available to perform data mapping as a part of Apache Camel route. There is also a Camel Quarkus extension available.

The easiest way to use AtlasMap Data Mapper UI is the standalone mode. Or you can use it through a VS Code plugin.

Historically, the AtlasMap Data Mapper UI was designed to work within Syndesis UI and it’s still a best way to experience full benefits of integrated typed data mapping with UI. You can install and run Syndesis by following the Syndesis Developer Handbook. You will find the AtlasMap Data Mapper UI under the integrations panel after selecting or adding an integration with a Data Mapper step involved in the integration.



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